cholesterol is a lipid of Sterol Lipids (ST) class. Cholesterol is associated with abnormalities such as Trypanosomiasis, Chagas Disease, Cleft Palate, Chondrodysplasia punctata 2, X-linked dominant and Child syndrome. The involved functions are known as Blood Circulation, Sterol Biosynthesis Pathway, Receptor Mediated Endocytosis, Methylation and Signal. Cholesterol often locates in Animal tissue, Blood, Membrane, Plasma membrane and peroxisome. The associated genes with cholesterol are MBD2 gene, SIM, SLC33A1 gene, Genome and NSDHL gene. The related lipids are Sterols, zymosterol, fecosterol, Total cholesterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol. The related experimental models are Mouse Model, Knock-out, Genetically Engineered Mouse and Disease model.

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To understand associated biological information of cholesterol, we collected biological information of abnormalities, associated pathways, cellular/molecular locations, biological functions, related genes/proteins, lipids and common seen animal/experimental models with organized paragraphs from literatures.

What diseases are associated with cholesterol?

cholesterol is suspected in Atherosclerosis, Hypercholesterolemia, cholesterol gallstones, Obesity, SVEINSSON CHORIORETINAL ATROPHY, Congenital Abnormality and other diseases in descending order of the highest number of associated sentences.

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Disease Cross reference Weighted score Related literature
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Possible diseases from mapped MeSH terms on references

We collected disease MeSH terms mapped to the references associated with cholesterol

MeSH term MeSH ID Detail
Hemolysis D006461 131 associated lipids
Airway Obstruction D000402 13 associated lipids
Uremia D014511 33 associated lipids
Stomach Ulcer D013276 75 associated lipids
Kidney Failure, Chronic D007676 51 associated lipids
Diarrhea D003967 32 associated lipids
Diabetes Mellitus D003920 90 associated lipids
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms D002583 10 associated lipids
Neoplasms, Experimental D009374 10 associated lipids
Hypoxia D000860 23 associated lipids
Sarcoma, Experimental D012513 13 associated lipids
Graft Occlusion, Vascular D006083 11 associated lipids
Arrhythmias, Cardiac D001145 42 associated lipids
Hypercalcemia D006934 13 associated lipids
Neovascularization, Pathologic D009389 39 associated lipids
Adenocarcinoma D000230 166 associated lipids
Breast Neoplasms D001943 24 associated lipids
Neoplasms D009369 13 associated lipids
Ovarian Neoplasms D010051 10 associated lipids
Diabetic Ketoacidosis D016883 16 associated lipids
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PubChem Associated disorders and diseases

What pathways are associated with cholesterol

Lipid pathways are not clear in current pathway databases. We organized associated pathways with cholesterol through full-text articles, including metabolic pathways or pathways of biological mechanisms.

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Pathway name Related literatures
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PubChem Biomolecular Interactions and Pathways

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What cellular locations are associated with cholesterol?

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Location Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures
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What functions are associated with cholesterol?

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Function Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures

What lipids are associated with cholesterol?

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Lipid concept Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures
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What genes are associated with cholesterol?

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Gene Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures

What common seen animal models are associated with cholesterol?


Knock-out are used in the study 'Acid sphingomyelinase-deficient macrophages have defective cholesterol trafficking and efflux.' (Leventhal AR et al., 2001), Knock-out are used in the study 'On the regulatory role of side-chain hydroxylated oxysterols in the brain. Lessons from CYP27A1 transgenic and Cyp27a1(-/-) mice.' (Ali Z et al., 2013), Knock-out are used in the study 'Regulation of classic and alternative bile acid synthesis in hypercholesterolemic rabbits: effects of cholesterol feeding and bile acid depletion.' (Xu G et al., 1998), Knock-out are used in the study 'Functional redundancy of steroid C26-monooxygenase activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis revealed by biochemical and genetic analyses.' (Johnston JB et al., 2010) and Knock-out are used in the study 'Marked reduction in bile acid synthesis in cholesterol 7alpha-hydroxylase-deficient mice does not lead to diminished tissue cholesterol turnover or to hypercholesterolemia.' (Schwarz M et al., 1998).

Mouse Model

Mouse Model are used in the study 'Fenofibrate reduces intestinal cholesterol absorption via PPARalpha-dependent modulation of NPC1L1 expression in mouse.' (Valasek MA et al., 2007), Mouse Model are used in the study 'Functional redundancy of steroid C26-monooxygenase activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis revealed by biochemical and genetic analyses.' (Johnston JB et al., 2010), Mouse Model are used in the study 'Cholic acid aids absorption, biliary secretion, and phase transitions of cholesterol in murine cholelithogenesis.' (Wang DQ et al., 1999), Mouse Model are used in the study 'Feedback inhibition of the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway in patients with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome as demonstrated by urinary mevalonate excretion.' (Pappu AS et al., 2002) and Mouse Model are used in the study 'Disorders of cholesterol biosynthesis: prototypic metabolic malformation syndromes.' (Herman GE, 2003).

Disease model

Disease model are used in the study 'Amphotericin B lipid complex or amphotericin B multiple-dose administration to rabbits with elevated plasma cholesterol levels: pharmacokinetics in plasma and blood, plasma lipoprotein levels, distribution in tissues, and renal toxicities.' (Ramaswamy M et al., 2001) and Disease model are used in the study 'Increased cholesterol 7alpha-hydroxylase expression and size of the bile acid pool in the lactating rat.' (Wooton-Kee CR et al., 2008).

Related references are published most in these journals:

Model Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures
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All references with cholesterol

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Authors Title Published Journal PubMed Link
Leng E et al. Synergistic effect of phytochemicals on cholesterol metabolism and lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells. 2018 BMC Complement Altern Med pmid:29622007
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