Disease MeSH term: Peritonsillar Abscess

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erythromycin erythromycin is a lipid of Polyketides (PK) class. Erythromycin is associated with abnormalities such as Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Pneumonia, Infection, Pneumococcal Infections and Exanthema. The involved functions are known as Pharmacodynamics, Sterility, Agent, Drug Kinetics and Adjudication. Erythromycin often locates in Blood, peritoneal, Extracellular, Ribosomes and apicoplast. The associated genes with erythromycin are P4HTM gene, SLC33A1 gene, FAM3B gene, Operon and Homologous Gene. The related lipids are Hydroxytestosterones, Steroids, Propionate, Mycolic Acids and campesterol. The related experimental models are Mouse Model and Knock-out. 19871
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