An encyclopedia of lipids providing associated biomedical information through text-mining strategy in literatures.

With the help of the analytic methodology, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics, lipid profiling analysis provides better quantification of lipid species. Hundreds of lipid species can be detected in a single lipidomic experiment. It is hard for researchers to know the functions or associated diseases of each lipid in the lipid studies. The systematic or common names of lipid may be not easy to recognize and understand what functions the lipids provide for the highly similar chemical structure of each lipid class. Researchers need to find and read associated references from searching the systematic or common names of the lipid manually.

To accelerate the labor-intensive process of finding and reading references, we designed and developed LipidPedia. LipidPedia is the first lipid knowledgebase for lipidomics containing extracted biomedical concepts from text of literature by using the well-defined concepts of UMLS.

The database contains 4487 lipids with extracted biomedical information. Associated information is hyperlinked to other databases: diseases are linked to ICD-9-CM; locations and functions are linked to Gene Ontology; Entrez Gene; ChEBI; MeSH terms. The associated literatures of extracted concepts cound be found in each data field. And the list of all associated literatures can be downloaded in the bottom of the lipid entry page.

Currently, 4487 lipids are included in LipidPedia with 1553125 associated literatures. Last updated time: 2020-11-26 11:23:19 UTC