Tacrolimus is a lipid of Polyketides (PK) class. Tacrolimus is associated with abnormalities such as Renal glomerular disease. The involved functions are known as inhibitors, Fungicidal activity, Metabolic Inhibition, Excretory function and Dephosphorylation. Tacrolimus often locates in Hepatic, Mitochondrial matrix and Inner mitochondrial membrane. The associated genes with Tacrolimus are RHOA gene and BGN gene.

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To understand associated biological information of tacrolimus, we collected biological information of abnormalities, associated pathways, cellular/molecular locations, biological functions, related genes/proteins, lipids and common seen animal/experimental models with organized paragraphs from literatures.

What diseases are associated with tacrolimus?

tacrolimus is suspected in Renal glomerular disease, Candidiasis, Mycoses, PARKINSON DISEASE, LATE-ONSET, Morphologically altered structure, Skin Diseases, Infectious and other diseases in descending order of the highest number of associated sentences.

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Disease Cross reference Weighted score Related literature
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Possible diseases from mapped MeSH terms on references

We collected disease MeSH terms mapped to the references associated with tacrolimus

MeSH term MeSH ID Detail
Hemolysis D006461 131 associated lipids
Uremia D014511 33 associated lipids
Colitis, Ulcerative D003093 24 associated lipids
Stomach Ulcer D013276 75 associated lipids
Kidney Failure, Chronic D007676 51 associated lipids
Nocardia Infections D009617 6 associated lipids
Diarrhea D003967 32 associated lipids
Diabetes Mellitus D003920 90 associated lipids
Graft Occlusion, Vascular D006083 11 associated lipids
Hypercalcemia D006934 13 associated lipids
Neovascularization, Pathologic D009389 39 associated lipids
Adenocarcinoma D000230 166 associated lipids
Dermatitis, Contact D003877 59 associated lipids
Bacterial Infections D001424 21 associated lipids
Pain D010146 64 associated lipids
Autoimmune Diseases D001327 27 associated lipids
Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic D008180 43 associated lipids
Genital Diseases, Female D005831 7 associated lipids
Mouth Diseases D009059 5 associated lipids
Meningococcal Infections D008589 3 associated lipids
Lung Diseases D008171 37 associated lipids
Lung Neoplasms D008175 171 associated lipids
Mycobacterium Infections D009164 7 associated lipids
Sarcoidosis D012507 13 associated lipids
Hepatolenticular Degeneration D006527 3 associated lipids
Hyperglycemia D006943 21 associated lipids
Carcinoma, Squamous Cell D002294 14 associated lipids
Skin Neoplasms D012878 12 associated lipids
Burns D002056 34 associated lipids
Inflammation D007249 119 associated lipids
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases D015212 9 associated lipids
Reperfusion Injury D015427 65 associated lipids
Colitis D003092 69 associated lipids
Colonic Neoplasms D003110 161 associated lipids
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 D003922 56 associated lipids
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 D003924 87 associated lipids
Fatty Liver D005234 48 associated lipids
Cataract D002386 34 associated lipids
Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental D003921 85 associated lipids
Body Weight D001835 333 associated lipids
Edema D004487 152 associated lipids
Precancerous Conditions D011230 48 associated lipids
Postoperative Complications D011183 5 associated lipids
Arthritis D001168 41 associated lipids
Arthritis, Experimental D001169 24 associated lipids
Surgical Wound Infection D013530 7 associated lipids
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local D009364 5 associated lipids
Osteonecrosis D010020 5 associated lipids
Hypotension D007022 41 associated lipids
Acute Kidney Injury D058186 34 associated lipids
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PubChem Associated disorders and diseases

What pathways are associated with tacrolimus

There are no associated biomedical information in the current reference collection.

PubChem Biomolecular Interactions and Pathways

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What cellular locations are associated with tacrolimus?

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Location Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures
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What functions are associated with tacrolimus?

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Function Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures

What lipids are associated with tacrolimus?

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Lipid concept Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures
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What genes are associated with tacrolimus?

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Gene Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures

What common seen animal models are associated with tacrolimus?

There are no associated biomedical information in the current reference collection.

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All references with tacrolimus

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Authors Title Published Journal PubMed Link
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