Leukotriene b4

Leukotriene b4 is a lipid of Fatty Acyls (FA) class. The involved functions are known as Chemotaxis, release of sequestered calcium ion into cytoplasm and Polymerization. Leukotriene b4 often locates in Protoplasm. The associated genes with Leukotriene b4 are phallacidin.

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What diseases are associated with Leukotriene b4?

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MeSH term MeSH ID Detail
Hemolysis D006461 131 associated lipids
Airway Obstruction D000402 13 associated lipids
Uremia D014511 33 associated lipids
Colitis, Ulcerative D003093 24 associated lipids
Stomach Ulcer D013276 75 associated lipids
Kidney Failure, Chronic D007676 51 associated lipids
Hypoxia D000860 23 associated lipids
Adenocarcinoma D000230 166 associated lipids
Enterocolitis D004760 3 associated lipids
Breast Neoplasms D001943 24 associated lipids
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What pathways are associated with Leukotriene b4

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What cellular locations are associated with Leukotriene b4?

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Location Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures
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What functions are associated with Leukotriene b4?

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Function Cross reference Weighted score Related literatures

What lipids are associated with Leukotriene b4?

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What genes are associated with Leukotriene b4?

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What common seen animal models are associated with Leukotriene b4?

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Authors Title Published Journal PubMed Link
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Min A et al. SNAP23-Dependent Surface Translocation of Leukotriene B4 (LTB4) Receptor 1 Is Essential for NOX2-Mediated Exocytotic Degranulation in Human Mast Cells Induced by Trichomonas vaginalis-Secreted LTB4. 2017 Infect. Immun. pmid:27795355
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