sorgoleone is a lipid of Polyketides (PK) class.

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Uddin MR et al. Herbicidal activity of formulated sorgoleone, a natural product of sorghum root exudate. 2014 Pest Manag. Sci. pmid:23785031
Uddin MR et al. Effects of jasmonates on sorgoleone accumulation and expression of genes for sorgoleone biosynthesis in sorghum roots. 2013 J. Chem. Ecol. pmid:23702703
Moon HI et al. Isolated compounds from Sorghum bicolor L. inhibit the classical pathway of the complement. 2012 Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol pmid:21854169
Uddin MR et al. Effects of auxins on sorgoleone accumulation and genes for sorgoleone biosynthesis in sorghum roots. 2011 J. Agric. Food Chem. pmid:22087851
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Dayan FE et al. Sorgoleone. 2010 Phytochemistry pmid:20385394
Cook D et al. Alkylresorcinol synthases expressed in Sorghum bicolor root hairs play an essential role in the biosynthesis of the allelopathic benzoquinone sorgoleone. 2010 Plant Cell pmid:20348430
Schrader KK Plant Natural compounds with antibacterial activity towards common pathogens of pond-cultured channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus). 2010 Toxins (Basel) pmid:22069655
Gimsing AL et al. Mineralization of the allelochemical sorgoleone in soil. 2009 Chemosphere pmid:19493559
Dayan FE et al. Dynamic root exudation of sorgoleone and its in planta mechanism of action. 2009 J. Exp. Bot. pmid:19357432

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