7-octadecynoic acid

7-octadecynoic acid is a lipid of Fatty Acyls (FA) class.

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Possible diseases from mapped MeSH terms on references

We collected disease MeSH terms mapped to the references associated with 7-octadecynoic acid

MeSH term MeSH ID Detail
Uremia D014511 33 associated lipids
Kidney Failure, Chronic D007676 51 associated lipids
Diarrhea D003967 32 associated lipids
Diabetes Mellitus D003920 90 associated lipids
Neoplasms, Experimental D009374 10 associated lipids
Hypercalcemia D006934 13 associated lipids
Neovascularization, Pathologic D009389 39 associated lipids
Adenocarcinoma D000230 166 associated lipids
Autoimmune Diseases D001327 27 associated lipids
Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic D008180 43 associated lipids
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All references with 7-octadecynoic acid

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Authors Title Published Journal PubMed Link
Middleton K et al. Microfluidic co-culture platform for investigating osteocyte-osteoclast signalling during fluid shear stress mechanostimulation. 2017 J Biomech pmid:28552413
Liu XY et al. Protective effects of total flavonoids of Astragalus against adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats by regulating OPG/RANKL/NF-κB pathway. 2017 Int. Immunopharmacol. pmid:28092862
Ozaki Y et al. Treatment of OPG-deficient mice with WP9QY, a RANKL-binding peptide, recovers alveolar bone loss by suppressing osteoclastogenesis and enhancing osteoblastogenesis. 2017 PLoS ONE pmid:28937990
Tschiderer L et al. Osteoprotegerin concentration and risk of cardiovascular outcomes in nine general population studies: Literature-based meta-analysis involving 26,442 participants. 2017 PLoS ONE pmid:28837646
Bondar C et al. Osteocyte Alterations Induce Osteoclastogenesis in an In Vitro Model of Gaucher Disease. 2017 Int J Mol Sci pmid:28098793
Shu R et al. Sclerostin Promotes Bone Remodeling in the Process of Tooth Movement. 2017 PLoS ONE pmid:28081119
Ji J et al. Pathway of 3-MCPD-induced apoptosis in human embryonic kidney cells. 2017 J Toxicol Sci pmid:28070108
Sponder M et al. Endurance training significantly increases serum endocan but not osteoprotegerin levels: a prospective observational study. 2017 BMC Cardiovasc Disord pmid:28056805
Hygum K et al. MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Diabetes mellitus, a state of low bone turnover - a systematic review and meta-analysis. 2017 Eur. J. Endocrinol. pmid:28049653
Dawson S and Lawrie A From bones to blood pressure, developing novel biologic approaches targeting the osteoprotegein pathway for pulmonary vascular disease. 2017 Pharmacol. Ther. pmid:27373854

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