Disease MeSH term: Myxosarcoma

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Gossypol Gossypol is a lipid of Prenol Lipids (PR) class. Gossypol is associated with abnormalities such as Paralytic Ileus, PARKINSON DISEASE, LATE-ONSET, Fibrillation, Hepatic necrosis and Lymphopenia. The involved functions are known as Atrophic, Ulcer, Necrosis, Apoptosis and antagonists. Gossypol often locates in Mucous Membrane, Epithelium, Blood, Microsomes, Liver and Autophagic vacuole. The associated genes with Gossypol are BCL2A1 gene, BCL2 gene, Transgenes, IGH@ gene cluster and Bax protein (53-86). The related lipids are Promega, proteoliposomes, Phosphatidylserines and Liposomes. The related experimental models are Transgenic Model and Xenograft Model. 2557
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